Our technology

This is why our mechanical engineers design every little detail to ensure the most confident result. Thanks to our protection mesh, no plants will fall out from our PhytoKinetic green roofs. The mesh is also anchored to the internal barriers, keeping the whole system in place at more than 100km/h, whatever the external circumstances are.

In order to reduce weight and also avoid dirty flowing from irrigated soil, our plants grow on a hydroponic substrate, specially designed for green roofs.

Our green roofs are placed into a perimetral frame, adapted to the roof, which is specifically waterproofed. Internal barriers will stop the whole garden in case of a sudden brake.

All our products are tested and approved according to local traffic laws.

Every single project has been approved by the local traffic bureau thanks to the meticulous homologation report we develop for each vehicle.

PhytoKinetic is a worldwide patented system, to create green roofs on top of any kind of vehicle. We use the same principle of a standard green roof, with an exclusive adapted design to make it secure and viable.